Toastmasters in Nepal


Division A Director

As the Director of Division A, one of the three Divisions in Nepal, it is a pleasure to welcome all members and prospective members to the Nepal Toastmasters virtual office. I joined the Toastmasters fraternity when I became a member in Everest Toastmasters Club


Division N Director

It is with great honor that I welcome everyone and specifically members of Division N, District 41, Toastmasters International. From the day when I had stepped into my first meeting of Toastmasters club in 2013, I have learnt many new things each day… 


Division O Director

I am excited about what lies ahead in the year 2020-21 for Toastmasters in Nepal. After an exemplary year (2019-20) marked by unforeseen growth and stellar achievements, Division ‘A’ has spread out to become three Divisions. I have been entrusted to lead Division O…


Associate PQD D41

It is an honor and pride writing this note in acknowledgement and appreciation of each step we have taken together in scaling the height we have achieved today. Having been a member of Toastmasters since 1998


Asssociate PGD D41

At first, I did not know how this organization would help me with my communication and leadership. Now that I connect dots, Toastmasters has helped me in my career and is the source of my motivation and guidance.


Asssociate CGD D41

When I started my journey as a Toastmaster in Oct 2008, I had very little idea about what to expect from the journey. As a saying goes, ‘even to survive is an act of courage’, my case was no different. I am glad I managed to thrive as a Toastmaster...


District Parliamentarian D41

There is a District 41 ‘Expand Award’ encouraging clubs to add members and split into two. Both clubs get awarded. In Nepal, we did one better as Division ‘A’ last year (2019-20). We created 3 Divisions by adding 17 clubs to the base of 18! Since Toastmasters started in 1991, it took 18 years for 18 clubs to be established. Thereafter, in a single year, 17 clubs were added (technically 18 but one succumbed to Covid-19 pandemic challenges)…


Program Quality Director D41

We join Toastmasters program to improve ourselves, to gain confidence and to find that influential leader hiding deep within us. We may get there and achieve all our targets one day, we may become better by our own efforts but is that so? Is it our efforts only? Imagine, if you never received any feedback from some senior members in your club, fellow toastmasters didn’t approach … 


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A History in Making

The 37th Club Meeting was scheduled for Bhaktapur Toastmasters Club on 23rd May 2020 at its regular time, 8:30 am. Due to the prevailing COVID-19

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Vcitation 2021

2020-21 has been a testing year for all of us. We have been through a lot and as a family Toastmasters fraternity has always been

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Practice makes perfect

Most skills in life can be acquired or built upon. The same mantra extends to communications as well. There are multiple skills that factor into

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