Suman Shakya, DTM

Message From Division Director

Maintaining quality as we grow rapidly

Welcome to an exciting year of learning, fun, newer opportunities and believing to create a better version of yourself. Thank you for believing in my leadership to lead the Toastmasters movement in Nepal this term (2019-20).

We had an excellent year (2018-19) and we need to thank all the leaders, commanded by Distinguished Toastmaster Ranjit Acharya. From a fledgling Division of 12 clubs in 3 Areas led by Toastmasters Bhanu Dabadi, Anish Dixit and Shaurab Lohani, we added 6 clubs (2 clubs in each Area) to 18 robust clubs in the Division. Collectively, they have left a legacy that we will build on this year…


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Citation 2019 - Annual Conference, Division A, District 41

December 7, 2019, Saturday

Division A

Area Directors

Moon Pradhan, DTM

Area A1 Director

Ravi Mainali

Area A2 Director

Ankit Goenka

Area A3 Director

Prashant Shrestha

Area A4 Director

Avish Acharya

Area A5 Director

Pankaj Pradhananga

Area A6 Director


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