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ranjit acharya


District Parliamentarian

We join Toastmasters program to improve ourselves, to gain confidence and to find that influential leader hiding deep within us. We may get there and achieve all our targets one day, we may become better by our own efforts but is that so? Is it our efforts only? Imagine, if you never received any feedback from some senior members in your club, fellow toastmasters didn’t approach
DD_Suman Shakya, DTM - Suman Shakya


District Director

Suman Shakya is a consultant, certified trainer, and entrepreneur at Tangent Waves Pvt. Ltd. Since 1995, he has been involved in multiple entrepreneurial ventures, consulting and training on entrepreneurship and communication, and as an adjunct faculty of marketing and strategy. He is District 41 Program Quality Director, Toastmasters International (2022-23). A member since 2004, his home club is Everest Toastmasters Club, Nepal.
Moon Pradhan


Program Quality Director

MOON PRADHAN, DTM, is a Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist at an international development organization. She has served District 41 as Club Growth Director for the term 2022-2023 and Public Relations Manager (2021-2022). She was President Distinguished Division Director (2020-2021), and President Distinguished Area Director (2019-2020). She achieved Hall of Fame as the President of Everest Toastmasters Club (2018-2019). She has also served the Nepal geography as the Pathways Guide. She is now District 41 Program Quality Director for the term 2023-24.
Ankit Goenka

Ankit Goenka

District Public Relation Manager

Ankit Goenka is a member since 2012, he is a charter member and Past President of Himalaya Toastmasters Club. Currently, he is a proud member of Everest Toastmasters Club – his home club. He believes in striving towards betterment by taking one step at a time, where patience is the key to success. Professionally, he is associated with his family business which deals in different trading business of surgical products, merchandise branding, and has begun recently working in close hands with his brother in his manufacturing unit of eraser and sharpener here in Kathmandu. He also specializes in the field of marketing and sales.
Anju Pradhan

Anju Pradhan

Awards Chair

Pathologist at B. P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences


Euden Koirala

Division A Director

A Toastmaster since 2014, Charter member of Laxmi Bank Toastmasters club and AIN Toastmasters club, her home club is Everest Toastmasters club. Recipient of Presidents Distinguished Area Director for the term 2021/2022. Euden considers herself a learning toastmaster as every moment in toastmasters is a new learning. An HR professional currently employed with a UK based International NGO as Head of People and Organizational Development.
F81F32CB-D90B-41B3-BA8B-9CA7E430C88F - jenny manandhar

Jenny Manandhar

Division B Director

Chartered President at Rato Bangala Toastmasters club, Area O3 Director 2020-21 President distinguished Area. Area N 1 Director . President distinguished Area. Professionally unit coordinator at Rato Bangala School
Rabindra Pradhan

Rabindra Pradhan

Division C Director

A happy toastmasters over a decade, journey that started from Australia. An MBA graduate from Sydney and a businessman by profession.
Kumar Thapa

Kumar Thapa

Division D Director

Principal at Brihaspati Vidyasadan, TM Kumar Thapa has started his Toastmasters journey with Everest Toastmasters Club since 2010. His home club now is Bodhi Toastmasters Club where he has served as Secretary, VP Education and President. He’s been a two time Area Director and now serving as Division Director for Division D. Father of two, married for over 20 years, TM Kumar is also a certified parenting Facilitator and an emerging education leadership Coach.

Extended Team District 41

Chadani Ghimire

Chandni Ghimire

Associate CGD D41

TM Chandni is a member of Himalyan Toastmaster and past president of the same club. She is currently serving as Assistant Club Growth Director in District 41.

Brijendra Rochan Joshi

Brijendra Rochan Joshi

Associate CGD D41

Brijendra Rochan Joshi is one of the Club Growth Directors of Division A, District 41, Toastmasters International for the year 2019/20. He has been a Toastmaster since 2014 and is currently a member of Founders Toastmasters Club. He is the past president of Himalaya Toastmasters and has served in different roles in ex-com in Himalaya Toastmasters. Brijendra leads Rooster Logic, a data-driven ICT Company that works on generating insights from data for private, public and development organizations. Brijendra is also Co-founder of Nepal Entrepreneurs’ Hub (NEHUB) that works on promoting and fostering entrepreneurship. NEHUB organizes Techstars Startup Weekend, Boot Camps, provides mentoring to Startups among others.
Anisha karn

Anisha Karn

Associate PQD D41

Member of Everest Toastmasters Club and currently the President of the club. Also holds the position of Associate PQD for District 41 for 2023-24 and was DPRM for term 2022-23. Professionally a sustainable business and market system development expert.
Aastha Shrestha

Aastha Shrestha

Associate DPRM D41

A Market-Risk Management Officer by profession and VP-Education of Laxmi Bank TM Club, TM Aastha is a firm believer of “Good things come to those who go and get it rather than wait”. She is a highly dedicated and committed individual who has served as Program Quality Director for both Area and Division councils in her preceding terms. Additionally, she is someone who never turns down opportunities to learn new things. She says “This year, as an Associate Program Quality Director for District 41, I commit to this role with fresh zeal, accountability and an ever-growing learning attitude to help create and maintain the Toastmaster virtue of the clubs with devoir, synergy and camaraderie.”
Anuj Shrestha

Anuj Shrestha

Associate DPRM D41

Anuj is currently the Vice President – Education at Everest Toastmasters Club. He is serving District 41 as the Associate District Public Relations Manger for the term 2023-24. A Brand, Marketing and Communication Professional for 13 years; Anuj is the Co-Founder of Lone Tree Marketing and is also affiliated with Astra Solutions. He specializes in building Brand Strategies for new ventures helping them align their Brand identity with their business goals.

Bhanu Kandel

Associate DFM D41

TM Bhanu is a senior chartered accountant by profession and a toastmaster by passion. A book reader, a learner for life and a lyricist TM Bhanu had served as club president at Kathmandu Toastmasters Club, Area Director and Audit Committee member of District 41. Currently, he has been serving as an Assocaite District Finance Manager of District 41, Toastmasters International.
Neha Amatya

Neha Amatya

Associate DAM D41

Toastmaster Neha Amatya joined Toastmasters in 2017 and has served in various leadership positions from the start of her Toastmasters journey. Professionally, she is a tourism professional and an aspiring entrepreneur. As an MBA degree holder, Neha has explored various sectors and finally landed in Tourism, which connects her to her passion to explore and travel.
Rajan Maharjan

Rajan Maharjan

Webmaster D41

Toastmaster Rajan Maharjan joined toastmasters club on 2021 in his home club – Nabil Toastmasters Club. By profession he is an Automation & Application Engineer working in Digibank Department, Nabil Bank limited. A president of Nabil Toastmasters club loves to travel and explore different places. He is also supporting family Entrepreneurship related to Gold & Copper Statue Making Handicraft Business called Diamond Handicraft.
Sabin Poudel

Sabin Poudel


Toastmaster Sabin Poudel is a member of Bhaktapur toastmasters club and is serving as CEM in District 41.



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