Having to switch from plans of an in-person/in-Bhaktapur joint meeting that had heritage walk and authentic cuisine as cherries on our 150th cake, wasn’t an easy decision for the Club. However, we needed to be cognizant of the spiraling health crisis and prioritized safety of members of both the clubs. Toastmaster Alex was entrusted with the responsibility of organizing a fun meeting that would hold the attention of all attendees for around 2 hours and yet impart a lot of learning. Boy, did she sail with flying colours on the evening of 2 August.

Anchored on the theme, ‘battle between Bodhi and Bhaktapur’, our milestone meeting did give a lot to cherish. From the super cool, battle-cry videos made by members from both the clubs, to the fun ‘truth and dare’ and ‘childhood photo recognition’ games, each segment of the meeting scored speakers, evaluators, and participants. Our speakers and evaluators shone bright as ever and added to the lustre of the celebrations. The dynamic virtual background served to enhance the ambience and theme.

Although Bodhi was awarded the ‘winner of the battle’, we all agreed the real winner of the evening was the fantastic camaraderie between the two clubs. We are sure that your bonds have become a tad stronger, our relationship a tad better, and that’s what joint meetings offer.

Although Bodhians know to have their fun – our milestone meetings have always been weekend gateways, the 100th and 150th celebrations are proof that Toastmasters are masters of innovation at the digital game. As a Club we stand strong and vow to energize and grow the fraternity with our contributions, whilst growing ourselves in the process.

Good learning and fun never stops at Bodhi!

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