It was definitely a rocking meeting of the Tourism Toastmasters on 13 August.

The venue, Dhokaima Café, witnessed a very lively group of Toastmasters, guests and the super energetic musician Abhaya Subba rocking the stage with her latest song ‘Hawa Huri’. The rock star with her full band performed their latest number, which claims more than 1 million views on you tube, for us live. Her speech detailing her struggle as a woman artist and her road to success was very motivating and as dynamic as her performance. (Please do watch her on youtube and subscribe to her channel)

My maiden role at the ‘ah counter’ was made easy because all the presenters of the day were so awesome that I could not really mark as errors the few ‘ahs’ and ‘pauses’ that were actually made because those actually made the speeches sound even more absorbing and real. TM Sarik, the TMoE of the evening, a musician himself started the meeting in a rocking manner with the theme ‘Live in the moment’. Presiding officer, TM Sandipa, was the perfect host and warmly welcomed everyone. Table Topics Master TM Prakash in his witty way gave away the more serious table topics based on the theme of the day. TM Manny, President of our club was too good in presenting his pathways icebreaker speech which just captivated everyone. The immediate past President, TM Pankaj, was the next featured speaker and was no less entertaining. Our guest, Abhaya Subba, then took the stage and her speech delivery proved that though not a toastmaster, her years of experience on the stage had made her a natural in captivating the attention of the audience. Though, I did notice that she was much more at ease later when she was performing. To evaluate the two dynamic speakers, we had two dynamic individuals – TM Euden, President of Everest Toastmasters and TM Mahesh also of Everest Toastmasters. Both of their evaluations were positive as needed and ruthless as demanded.

Though the overall meeting was a moment to live in and remembered, the highlight would definitely be the rocking performance of Abhaya and the band with match-able cheering, hooting and dancing from the Tourism Toastmasters members and all the present guests.

Radeep Khadga
Tourism Toastmasters

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