Anish Dixit


Division N Director

It is with great honor that I welcome everyone and specifically members of Division N, District 41, Toastmasters International. From the day when I had stepped into my first meeting of Toastmasters club in 2013, I have learnt many new things each day. I have learnt to plan, organize and communicate effectively. I have realized that we need to empathize and be supportive, mentor, and support each other so that we grow individually and collectively. In Toastmasters, we first learn to speak and listen, and then we learn to lead. This way, each of us is a leader.

As Division N Director for the term 2020-21, my top priority will be to maintain and build upon the quality that has been synonymous with the Toastmasters movement in Nepal, at club meetings, trainings, and events. Following our district vision, we will work to enhance the Toastmasters experience for each of our members and will help them achieve excellence in their Toastmasters journey. Together we will create a benchmark in quality experience and will grow in quality numbers this year. Let us all work together to make a difference.