Area C4 Council Members - 2023/24

Bibek Dutta

Area Director

Toastmaster Bibek is passionate about the responsibilities he holds onto.
His notable accomplishments in Toastmasters has been leading Ace Toastmasters Club as a President, achieving outstanding member award in the Area last term and representing Division A in the 2021-2022 District 41 Semi Finals of International Speech Contest.
This term as an Area Director, he envisions at empowering Area Council members and Club Leaders to ensure club and member’s growth and success. With the support of Division Director and fellow Area Directors, he also aims at expanding club base to inspire the uninitiated to join this beautiful community to follow amazing examples of leaders who are made in Toastmasters.
Professionally, with hands-on experience of over 7 years, he currently heads Department of Taxation at Asian Feeds Industries.

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