Division O Director

I am excited about what lies ahead in the year 2020-21 for Toastmasters in Nepal. After an exemplary year (2019-20) marked by unforeseen growth and stellar achievements, Division ‘A’ has spread out to become three Divisions. I have been entrusted to lead Division O. The motivation has always been the passion to contribute to an educational program that, I fully trust, will make better communicators of us and a movement that, I firmly believe, is capable of creating more leaders in Nepal.

As I take office, my promise to members I serve is accountability and commitment to create a better experience for all. My role is clear- it is to enable different leaders in and outside our Division to function effectively, independently and together, in a strategic manner. Our dedicated team of Division councils and Area councils are not only experienced but passionate individuals who embody the values of integrity, respect, service, and excellence. Our team will work together with the District and Divisions A and N to extend the reach of Toastmasters to more individuals in Nepal while continuing to meet each member’s expectations.

We will need your support in achieving our dream of bringing the best of Toastmasters for you and me. Together we will create a legacy.