Division A

Division A is led by the Division Director DTM Moon Pradhan. The areas are led by enthusiastic, energetic and committed Area directors: TM Diptee Acharya (Area A1), TM Rabindra Pradhan (Area A2) and TM Brijendra Rochan Joshi (Area A3). 

The Division follows the core values of Toastmasters International – Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence. In addition, it also values transparency and cooperation. The leadership team’s operating principles are based on trust, collaboration and support. Division A strives to continue the legacy of Toastmasters in Nepal by establishing quality as its goal, while making club experiences fun.

Division A Council Members 2020-21

Moon Pradhan, DTM

Division Director

Diptee Acharya

Area A1 Director

Rabindra Pradhan

Area A2 Director

Brijendra Rochan Joshi

Area A3 Director

Shaurab Lohani, DTM

Division Mentor

Heema Mukarung

Program Quality Director and DCP Coach

Sunetra Pradhanang

Club Growth Director

Sandeep Dhawa

PR Manager

Sushma Shrestha


Sudeep Sayami

Finance Manager

Division A Clubs

Toastmasters International, District 41, Division A is one of three Divisions in Nepal and comprises of Areas A1, A2 and A3 with clubs as follows:

Area A1Everest Toastmasters Club
Sanskriti Toastmasters Club
Gandaki Toastmasters Club
Pokhara Toastmasters Club

Area A2Shangrila Toastmasters Club
NAMI Toastmasters Club
Bhaisepati Toastmasters Club
Agni Toastmasters Club
Area A3Founders Toastmasters Club
Reliance Toastmasters Club
Bhaktapur Toastmasters Club
Prabhu Toastmasters Club