Message for the Toastmasters Conference, Citation 2019 of Division A, District 41, Kathmandu, Nepal

Fellow Toastmasters in Nepal,

It is with great pleasure that I greet you on this happy occasion of your conference, Citation 2019. I am excited to join you in person for this event!

This conference brings together members from all parts of Nepal. It enables you to share your knowledge and experience. You celebrate with passion and enthusiasm as you renew old friendships and make new friends. You take back powerful lessons of leadership.

Whether we recognize it or not, each of us is a leader. Our decisions and our initiatives are signs of our leadership potential. This potential is honed and sharpened when we become Toastmasters. We first learn to speak and listen and then we learn how to lead! Every time we perform a role in our club meetings; help other club members as their mentors; take up a position of an officer in our club, area, division or district; or plan and organize any event; we learn additional skills, gain more experience and become better leaders.

I have learnt all my leadership lessons in Toastmasters. I have learnt how to work with people; plan, organize and implement; communicate effectively; act decisively; empathize and be supportive; mentor and coach; provide service; develop other leaders; and many other attributes that I add to daily. And it all began when I stepped into my first meeting of a Toastmasters Club.

Your experience and learning need be no different from mine. You must only be willing to invest in Toastmasters and reap the multifold benefits that you get from your membership. Resonate with all the opportunities of growth that Toastmasters provides you!

Let us spread this wondrous experience to as many people as we can whether they be friends, family or colleagues. Let this conference be the occasion for you to display your splendor and dazzle the world! Let the fire of passion for Toastmasters make you the flame that leads the world from darkness to light.

Become the leaders that you have always aspired to be.

Toastmasters: Where Leaders Are Made!

Best wishes,

Deepak Menon, DTM

2019-2020 International President

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