Goodwill Message

Message from Division A Director

Maintaining quality as we grow rapidly

Thank you for believing in my leadership to lead the Toastmasters movement in Nepal this term (2019-20). Welcome to an exciting year of learning, fun, newer opportunities and believing to create a better version of yourself.

We had an excellent year (2018-19) and we need to thank all the leaders, commanded by Distinguished Toastmaster Ranjit Acharya. From a fledgling Division of 12 clubs in 3 Areas led by Toastmasters Bhanu Dabadi, Anish Dixit and Shaurab Lohani, we added 6 clubs (2 clubs in each Area) to 18 robust clubs in the Division. Collectively, they have left a legacy that we will build on this year.

For my term, I have secretly harbored exploring the unique possibility of doubling the base number of clubs in Division A, Nepal. While this notion is frightening even to think of, I believed if the planning is done right and there is a super crack team to work with, I just might be able to pull it off.

I am blessed to have 6 awesome Area Directors in Moon, Ravi, Ankit, Prashant, Avish and Pankaj taking responsibility of 3 clubs each in our Division of 18 clubs with Brijendra as a backup this year! We are working together to first achieve 2 new clubs per Area, my publicly committed goal to the District to add 12 clubs or 66% to the base clubs of 18.

My work started last year when I realized, as Assistant CDG of District 41, we need to create a pipeline of prospective new clubs and worked towards it. I created a team of 4 Associates in Neha, Subrath, Heema and Asira. Together we were able to create a list of 35 clubs whose possibilities to charter ranged from 5% – 95%. It was also done with the larger and long term goal of Nepal getting its own District, in mind.

The challenging part is not adding clubs but sustaining them and still providing quality experience to new members. It is easy to open a club but very difficult to keep it open. For this, I am working on a three pronged strategy.

One, new clubs need to be nurtured before, during and after its formation. More so, during the initial phases of discussion before being chartered. A program that was designed and tested waters last year, will focus on proper orientation, identifying champions who will be involved in demo meetings with a team to help with the paperwork to charter the new club and mentors assigned to hand hold them.

Two, provide quality experience through mentoring and effective evaluation. A mentoring program that was designed last year will see a Division wide roll out coupled with an effective evaluation program. Members will voluntarily sign up to become mentors that will see them go through a rigor to help them become better mentor, evaluator and therefore a better speaker.

Three, a pool of 100 leaders in a Division Council and Area Councils has been created who will ensure the smooth flow of communication and implementation of interventions. I am glad that they have worked hard as teams and have already presented their plans in the first joint Division and Area Council meeting on July 7th.

Initial weeks into the new term, we are on a roll. Members have come forward to take up leadership roles to create a vibrant buzz in the community and the nation. Plans have been made, dates earmarked and responsibilities picked up with a vigor to implement with set deadlines. The calendar is already punctuated with major activities, programs and events.

Today, as leaders gather to mark the launch of Toastmasters Leadership Institute, Kathmandu to immerse in a day long learning, we must congratulate the Division Public Relations team and members who have come forward to make this website functional, peppered with relevant information and engaging stories.

This year will definitely be bigger as Distinguished Toastmaster Deepak Menon, International President Elect (2019-20) has confirmed his presence at our annual conference ‘Citation’ to be held on Dec 07, 2019. Let us collectively work together to demonstrate that we can achieve the 100 clubs dream that is meshed with having our own Toastmasters District in Nepal.

If the plans work out, Division A will give birth to a new club every month of the year! Every club will have its own mechanism to sustain itself and maintain quality as members empower themselves to become better communicators and leaders. The environment at club meetings will be stupendously productive. Silently, perhaps I will be able to double the base, double the quality.

Cheers to a remarkable year ahead.

Suman Shakya
Division A Director
July 27, 2019

Message from District Director

My dear members and leaders of Division A, at the very onset, let me take this opportunity to wish each one of you all the very best for the term ahead. As we constantly use the Toastmasters platform of learning, we can transform into a more confident, stronger and better version of ourselves.

“Never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying and never stop learning!”

We are truly lucky to have been gifted this wonderful opportunity of becoming better communicators and leaders.

The Pathways program has so much to offer us and we must make full use of it to achieve our targets and goals because in doing so, you grow, the Club, Area, Division and the District grows. It’s a cascading effect, and with your support, we can make it work on an autopilot mode.

May I request our Leaders in Nepal to empower, evolve and engage members to achieve the District’s mission of building new clubs and supporting all clubs in achieving excellence.

In conclusion, I wish each one of you the very best towards reaching new skies during the term 2019-2020, so that you can look back and feel proud at owning this year in terms of excellence, both personally and professionally.

I look forward to meeting you soon in Nepal to learn more about your aspirations and achievements.

आफ्नो ध्यानराख्नुहोस्, खुसीहुनुहोस्, मुस्कुराइरहनुहोस्!

(Take care, be happy, keep smiling)!

Jennifer Ghosh
District Director
Toastmasters International Inc.
District 41 – Serving North & East India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan

Message from Program Quality Director


Message from Club Growth Director

Dear Members of Division A,

Congratulations to each one of you for achieving amazing results for Division A in the year 2018-19. Your contribution as a member and as a leader made it possible to make each club distinguished and to retain members in all the clubs in Nepal. All of us deserve a pat on the back for what we achieved, and now it is time to buckle up for the next milestone.

Today, it gives me immense pleasure to be representing team Nepal in the district as a trio member. With the able leadership of Distinguished Toastmaster Suman Shakya and other 6 Area Directors, I am confident Nepal as a division will witness incredible growth once again.

For district, we are focusing on achieving quality growth while maintaining a high percentage of membership retention in our clubs. This is possible once we focus on providing a quality experience to each member of our club meetings.

And while you attend District and Division events, participate in contests, take up leadership roles for your personal growth out of this fantastic platform of Toastmasters, also as an outstanding member please do get involved in helping each other grow by mentoring fellow members on your path of excellence.

Let us not forget to share our good experiences with non-toastmasters to help them understand Toastmasters better.

Together we can achieve excellence; together, we can achieve amazing results.

Let’s work for the better.

Ranjit Acharya, DTM
Club Growth Director
District 41

Message from the initiator of Toastmasters in Nepal

In 1990, Michio Ishihara, the then IMF Resident Representative in Nepal, first tested the waters regarding starting a Toastmasters Club in Kathmandu – the introductory meeting at the Nepal Rastra Bank Conference Hall in Thapathali was jam-packed.

When I joined hands with Michio to get the movement started, with the first club being registered as the Kathmandu Toastmasters Club (KTMC), we never dreamed the Toastmasters movement would pick up so rapidly. I feel, not humbled, but proud.

In those early days, KTMC was the only place one could develop her/his communication and leadership skills, and we had a truly eclectic group serious about self-development as taught by Toastmasters International.

As the years fly by, it is heartening to note the number of Clubs that have opened. The dedication, devotion, drive, determination, coupled with enthusiasm with which the Toastmasters movement in Nepal is growing, is truly exemplary, and legendary.

In the not so distant future, I foresee Toastmasters International looking to Nepal as a case study regarding how to go about opening new Clubs. The speed at which Clubs are now being opened in Nepal is phenomenal.

I salute and congratulate the current and past Division Directors for being the beacon and showing the way forward. The goal of reaching 100 Clubs in Nepal will be achieved! If they can dream this number, nothing can stop them from accomplishing this goal and creating a separate District for Nepal.

Being a Toastmaster is one of the best decisions one can take in Life. And I do hope, many young Nepalese join hands to make the Clubs even more vibrant and competitive. Because once you become a Toastmaster, you become a Toastmaster for Life.

All the best. Continue with the dream. Nurture it, and surpass it.

Ravin Lama