We conduct evaluations session in our meeting every week. This is helpful in identifying the good things and areas of improvement. Apart from that, the Moments of Truth (MoT) session conducted during 2nd week of July in Pokhara Toastmaster was one of a kind. The members were divided into groups to evaluate different aspects of our club, to take role actively and gives their views and suggestions from different angles.

We were divided into 6 groups, and were assigned to truthfully answer -“What Pokhara Toastmaster is as on date?”.  The groups were supposed to give specific numbers (i.e. 1 to 5, 1 is for worse and 5 for outstanding) to the points discussed. Challenges, possible causes, and recommendations were also discussed by the participant groups.  These remarks were recorded on a large paper sheet and presented by the groups. In the end, these sheets were handed over to the club secretary. I as the club secretary felt good to collect and store those sheets for our future reference. 

I, as a member of the club, felt that conducting such MoT sessions frequently, will be helpful to enhance the judging capacity of every member and to identify answers to questions like “Where we are?”

Devraj Pokhrel, Secretary at Pokhara Toastmasters Club

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