Division A Director

As the Director of Division A, one of the three Divisions in Nepal, it is a pleasure to welcome all members and prospective members to the Nepal Toastmasters virtual office.

I joined the Toastmasters fraternity when I became a member in Everest Toastmasters Club in August 2010. Back then, there were just two clubs – Kathmandu Toastmasters Club and Everest Toastmasters Club – in Nepal. We were not part of any Area, Division or District. Toastmasters was also a very well-kept secret here. In a short span, it has grown to 35 active clubs when we started the term this year.

I am happy to have contributed to the growing community of Toastmasters in Nepal. When Himalaya Toastmasters Club was chartered in October 2012, I chose to take up the role of VP Education because I believe quality is most important for a club to be able to sustain itself. By the time I became the president of the club in 2014, the system was already set for the club to help members achieve their goals for joining Toastmasters. It has been my good fortune to be able to bring that quality or sometimes revive that quality in the clubs where I have held offices or have supported. This term, as Division A Director, my goal is to make sure that the clubs can maintain that quality. For this, the Division A team will be working closely with the Toastmasters Nepal office.

As I was the Pathways Guide for Toastmasters in Nepal when the Pathways Learning Experience was rolled out in our Division 41 in 2018, I will continue to lend my hand to the clubs in Nepal whenever needed.

My HPL project in 2018-19 was to establish a mentoring system in Toastmasters clubs in Nepal, since I was the Division A PQD then. It is a pleasure to see that strengthening of the system has been continued and has been taken up by the District itself. I will be continuing to ensure that the mentoring program, that is now the District’s Mentoring and Evaluation program, will be successfully implemented in Toastmasters in Nepal.

Here’s to making Toastmasters in Nepal an example of high-quality Toastmasters. Let’s all join hands to provide the members a fun learning experience.