Moon Pradhan, DTM

Program Quality Director D41

Have you been the reason for someone to stand tall on the stage?

Are you the reason for someone’s confident fluency on the stage?

Are you the reason for someone to have gained those accolades for that amazing speech?

Dear Toastmasters,

We join Toastmasters program to improve ourselves, to gain confidence and to find that influential leader hiding deep within us. We may get there and achieve all our targets one day, we may become better by our own efforts but is that so? Is it our efforts only?

Imagine, if you never received any feedback from some senior members in your club, fellow toastmasters didn’t approach you after your speech at the club to give you those necessary tips to improve. Imagine, if you were not encouraged to stand back tall after you faltered during one of your speeches.

Yes, knowingly, unknowingly we have benefited from our peers in Toastmasters. This may have come across naturally to us without following some structured mentoring.

But do remember, as Toastmasters we do have equal chance to be that person, who sits at the last row of a hall and claps for the fellow member, the mentee. Mentoring is an art and by effective mentoring we ourselves learn a lot about communication and leadership. It is rightly said if you exchange an orange with your friend, both will have an orange each but if you exchange a book then both will get the wisdom of two books. Likewise, mentoring or being a mentor is not only meant for somebody else’s improvement or benefit, it is mutual.

I am happy that from District 41 we have adopted the mentorship program, from then Division A, Nepal Toastmasters. The program will help members grow and improve as a communicator and a leader. The structured mentorship program will compliment Pathways mentorship path too. I urge all of you to enroll in the program and get the best out of it. We are confident this program will further enhance the experiences of all the members in our divisions and the district.

Participating is the first trait of winning, hence enroll and be a winner.

All the best!!