TM Neil Pandey, Shangrila Toastmasters Club
Division A

A past president of Shangrila Toastmasters Club, Toastmaster Neil is a dental surgeon by profession. He is also the President of the Nepalese Society of Implant Dentistry (NSID) and runs his dental clinics – Healthy Smiles Kathmandu and Smileweavers. Toastmaster Neil has been very supportive of the events conducted by Division A and Area A2. He has taken up roles like that of tech master and timer, to name a few. He has also mentored many Toastmasters in area A3. A charter member of Shangrila Toastmasters Club, Toastmaster Neil guided the current executive committee and the members to achieve their goals and led to the club achieving all 10 goals in mid-February. When the recipients of Fantastic Fast Five Awards (clubs that achieve 5/10 Goals by November 30, 2020) were announced, Shangrila Toastmasters Club had already achieved seven goals and had become Select Distinguished Club. He was instrumental in chartering the club – Healers Toastmasters Club this year. He had been working to bring together medical professionals, especially dentists to form this club for a few years and finally chartered the club on September 29, 2020. With his constant support and guidance, the club has achieved Distinguished Club status becoming eligible for the Young Achiever’s Award (clubs that charter on or after July 01, 2020, and become Distinguished or better in 2020- 21).

TM Subrath Poudel, Northmandu Toastmasters Club
Division N

Subrath is currently a member of three Toastmasters clubs., One outside of Nepal, someone who has led from the front by opening two new clubs for division N. He has successfully led few division events this year by becoming the face of these events and marshaling his troops as a team leader. He is President Distinguished Area Director for the term 2020-2021

TM Kumar Thapa, Bodhi Toastmasters Club
Division O

This term TM Kumar Thapa from Division O had one ‘assigned’ responsibility for the term 2020-21. He was one of the two Division Program Quality Directors. While he was proactive in District- and Division-led initiatives in this regard, he didn’t limit his contribution to the ‘job description’, and in fact, over-delivered. Service at Toastmasters is a voluntary role, yet TM Kumar embraced accountability beyond what was expected of him. He has actively participated and helped organize most of Division O events, has supported newer and weaker clubs of the Division, has helped organize three District events, and has demonstrated unwavering service for the members of Division O. TM Kumar has always maintained high standards of ethics and professionalism.

TM Kumar Thapa has exemplified service leadership proactively and has been an embodiment of integrity, respect, service, and excellence.


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