Associate CQD D41

When I started my journey as a Toastmaster in Oct 2008, I had very little idea about what to expect from the journey. As a saying goes, ‘even to survive is an act of courage’, my case was no different. I am glad I managed to thrive as a Toastmaster.

Learning was beyond measures, the biggest lesson so far is to be quick to adapt to change. During the super testing times of COVID, it was a great learning to be comfortable with online meetings and communicating effectively over virtual platforms. It did help me greatly in the business and professional fronts as well. Happiness multiplies when we share what we have learned. Hence my role, an Associate Club Growth Director at District 41, allows me to assist the leadership in growing the number of clubs in Nepal, of course in the most sustainable manner to bring this wonderful learning experience to many more individuals.

I wish Nepal Virtual Office of Toastmasters in Nepal every success ahead. The amazing growth, as witnessed in the last 3 years, was indeed a fruit of visionary and successful leadership in Nepal. With the ongoing challenge of COVID-19, it is an important time to manage the growth while we ensure every member gets the most out of Toastmasters learning.

Together we are going to create a memorable journey while eyeing the glorious destination – District Nepal.