Defeating the introversion and uneasiness, and suppressing the assemblage of shyness, I sought to extend the demand of an optimistic and confident speaker uncovering the riddle of an achiever. The inferiority that I had since I was a little girl glazed me with the belief that I was not good enough to be someone who would be admired. When I heard about Toastmasters, it made me an impatient soul to detach my fragile suspicion and give myself a vivid light to pristine anticipation. 

Within two weeks of joining Toastmasters, I was rewarded as the Better Speaker at Academia Toastmasters Club and Better Evaluator at Bhaktapur Toastmasters Club. I am now a sanguine person, and my positivity blossoms like a flower in a golden oasis. I feel blessed to be a part of Toastmasters, which taught me to rise and shine. Toastmasters granted my intuitions to brace my trembling feet, and it has elevated my willpower to do better each day.

Srishti Hada, Baneshwor Toastmasters 

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