Never had I imagined I would be able to come out of my shell. Toastmasters gave me a platform not only to enhance my communication, networking and leadership skills but also helped me figure out that I had the potential in me to make friends and connect with people.

When one of my friends at Toastmasters said I was one of the most amiable people, I was caught in surprise as I never used to be comfortable with people. When I got home that day I reflected on the reason for him calling me amiable and began assessing the qualities in me. I also assessed how could I come out of my comfort zone. I pondered upon how I could network with people rather than being inside my shell. 

I found out through Toastmasters that my strength lies in my voice which is loud, clear, and audible. I always thought my voice was too loud. However, here I figured out that it was amazing as it helped me to use this talent and connect with people. Talking to fellow members and guests as friends and not strangers, not only helped me embrace the common things between us but also the things that were different so that I could understand many aspects of life and living. 

When I started interacting with people, I found out that the more willing we are to get closer to an individual and share things, talk to them, initiate talks, the more they are ready to open up with us and accept us. Toastmasters then became my reason to expand my circle of friends. Every week I look forward to it as it gave me friends who are now so closely bonded that some of them are like family. This friendship forms a valuable treasure of my life and became possible only due to one decision to join Toastmasters.

In the days ahead I look forward to making many more friends and have a special connection with each one of them. Even today, when I am asked what is the reason for my enthusiasm in my Toastmasters’ journey I say “networking”. This platform has given me a purpose and meaning of life that is connecting and inspiring and I hope this journey has been and will be amazing for each one of us who are connected through it.

Ayushi Gupta, Secretary, Himalaya Toastmasters Club

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