Last week, our in-house dentist TM Sneedha conducted the meeting with a plethora of informative and amusing tales about our tooth. TM Yamuna and TM Sadikchya gave their speeches from CC manual and pathways manual respectively, while TM Ravi conducted a brainstorming session on “pollution”.

Taking two of the projects from CC manual, Get To The Point and How To Say It, TM Yamuna shared the reminiscence of her memories from the earthquake of 2015 and reminded every one of us that it was not the earthquake that took most of our lives rather it was the poorly designed buildings. Adding to the wisdom, TM Sadikchya dazzled us by pointing out that it’s not enough or appropriate to describe somebody with a single word. She raised a very genuine concern regarding how knowingly or unknowingly we tend to patch that one word to somebody’s character. 

That wasn’t all for the evening. TM Ravi, on his Facilitating Discussion Project, opened up the floor for enlisting the best solutions to mitigate pollution and its effect in our country as he led the session as a representative from the Ministry of Environment. Numerous solutions were proposed and discussed while three of them were voted the best. Those solutions were: promotion of electric vehicles, planting trees, and good drainage system alongside the completion of roads. 

In a nutshell, this meeting was full of learning and interactions. If you don’t want to miss another session filled with learning and fun, make sure you make it on Sundays at Yala Maya Kendra at 6 pm. 

Until then, have a wonderful time 🙂 

Chandan Goopta, Everest Toastmasters Club 

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