Rajan Maharjan

Webmaster, District 41

Toastmaster Rajan Maharjan is a chartered VPE of Nabil Toastmasters Club and an IPP of the same club. Currently serving as VPE of Academia Toastmasters Club in order to built his communication and leadership skills. By profession he is an Automation & Application Engineer in Nabil Bank with almost 12 years plus experience in Information and Technology Department.

.Person who loves to travel and explore different places is supporting his family Entrepreneurship called Diamond Handicraft – related to Gold & Copper Statue  Business

By hobby is a website & application developer and writes articles when he have free time. His personal website is http://rajanmaharjan.com.np and his articles can be found in http://blog.rajanmaharjan.com.np


Know More About Rajan Maharjan

  • Games he likes more are Chess, Basketball and Table tennis
  • In free time he keeps exploring about new Technology
  • Eager to learn new programming languages
  • Loves to socialize and built network