2020-21 has been a testing year for all of us. We have been through a lot and as a family Toastmasters fraternity has always been there. The Citation has always and will always be the celebration of being a Toastmaster in Nepal. An unforgettable event that allows members to meet, network, showcase abilities, compete, learn and enjoy at the same time. It is also a tribute for allowing ourselves those precious moments to transform when at other times, the tentacles of busy schedules tug us to do something else which is seemingly very important. 

This year we had to go virtual given the situation. But did it make a difference, of course not? It is not the venue, food, or setting. It’s the people who made this event possible. There were over 200 attendees who decided to spend their Saturday with their Toastmasters family to enjoy and groove along.

First, TM Ekta Lamichhane shed light on the Gavel Clubs that exist in Nepal and talked about the importance of grooming the next generation.

Second, the cover of Inkspire was launched by TM Alfa M. Shakya and her team of editors along with a toast to all the toastmasters. If you haven’t grabbed your copy, here is the link to it https://toastmastersnepal.org/newsletters/.

Third, 3 amazing entertainers made us laugh out loud with their humorous speech, and TM Prajwol Sayami, representing Division N, bagged the popular humorous speech.

Fourth, there was the unveiling of 3 hidden talents of Nepal whose melody was a treat to our ears and TM Sakar Hada, representing Division N swept the popular Hidden Talent of Nepal with his harmonious flute.

Fifth, Division Directors of A, N & O announced one outstanding member from each of their divisions. TM Neil Pande from Division A, TM Subrath Poudel from Division N, and TM Kumar Thapa from Division O was caught in surprise when their names were revealed.

 Lastly, live judging was going on from the start of the event to find the top 3 creative virtual backgrounds. It was a tough job for the judges but they concluded that TM Suman Gautam from Healers Toastmasters Club, TM Neha Agrawal from Butwal Toastmasters Club, TM Bibek Maharjan from JGI Toastmasters Club were the creative ones among all the entries.

The organizing team, district officers in Nepal, and all the volunteers made vCitation come together successfully in a short span of time. The celebration would not have been complete without the presence of our Toastmasters Family.

Neha Amatya

Tourism Toastmasters Club

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