An old Facebook post of July 01, 2019 popped up in the news feed recently where I had shared my first day in ‘office’ as the Division A Director for 2019-20 and my plans. I had made a public commitment to add 12 clubs in my term of 12 months. We did better. Division A added 13 clubs in 6 months! Our base clubs were only 18. 

Many had questioned the raison d’être and whether it was possible to achieve it or not brushing it aside as an aberration of thought and even a typo! Some blamed it on my eccentricity and the unconventional way I go about doing my work. Yet, I had faith in my team and mentors supporting the dream of opening 100 clubs in Nepal en route to become a separate District. When 9 clubs were jointly installed by International President Deepak Menon, DTM on Dec 08, 2019, we had made history. 

I was asked ‘how did you manage it?’ throughout the District and beyond. My simple response has been – it did not happen in 6 months. The seeds were sown way back in 2004 when the 2nd club in Nepal, Everest Toastmasters Club was chartered. A group of individuals made sure quality was not compromised and a relentless pursuit to promote Toastmasters with a positioning that catered to the best and willing learners was established. Today, we enjoy the fruit of that labor. 

Joining District 41 has been catalytic for members in Nepal. The growth has required careful weeding out and nurturing of members to believe in the spirit of one ‘Team Nepal’ which embodies the way we work together selflessly and seamlessly respecting the different dynamics of clubs and Areas. All Area Directors adhere to the club growth pipeline created by Division Club Growth team and clubs are assigned to ensure each Area Director and its Council work on a set of new clubs. 

The team of Area Directors and mentors have been supreme examples of how team dynamics can work to create synergy. They are the actual heroes putting in unimaginable amount of effort to charter new clubs with the intention to sustain them. It will be a great honor for me, as we work together for another six months till the end of my term, that all Area Directors will double their base of 3 clubs to 6 clubs each and help achieve the unique distinction of a Division doubling their base. From 18 clubs, we will double to become 36 clubs.

For us, it is not a matter of whether we can; it is by when. 

Suman Shakya, DTM
Division A Director 

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