A new beginning, a new year, a new mindset, a new focus and a new start. 

On the occasion of New Year 2020, we had first ever Joint Mega Meet of Area A4. It was amazing to witness all the five clubs of Area A4: Standard Chartered Toastmasters, Sanima Bank Toastmasters, Rato Bangla Toastmasters, Yeti Toastmasters, and Himalaya toastmasters come together at one platform with their strong teamwork and dedication.

It is true that ”individually, we are one drop and together, we are an ocean.” This joint mega meeting was a perfect blend of friendship and collaboration of A4 which has further strengthened the bond among the members in the area.

Our meeting started sharp at 6:00 pm at Sanima Toastmasters club, Naxal where more than 65 members came together at one roof to celebrate New Year 2020 with new enthusiasm and the aim to grow each day. This joint meeting on the first day of the new year was full of learning, joy, and laughter where members from all the clubs in A4 had taken up roles. It showed the togetherness of A4 in cherishing and embarking the journey of leadership and learning.

Eventually, this solidarity will contribute towards a fulfilling Toastmasters experience not just for an individual but also for fellow members and guests, and the entire community.

During the meeting three most active members of Area A4 were awarded. They were Toastmasters Arvind Chitrakar from Standard Chartered toastmasters club, Ayushi Gupta and Prashamsa Rijal both from Himalaya Toastmasters club. We also had a postmasters session where we jointly celebrated New Year by cutting a cake. It was a wonderful experience with lots of learning and insights followed with dinner and networking.

On behalf of Area A4 we wish you all a very happy New Year and hope that each day of this year is a celebration like the first day of the new year!

Renuka Silwal, Area PR, Area 4, Division A, District 41

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