At Division A, we continue to experiment and provide leadership opportunities. The Division events are taken up by different Areas to lead and manage. Area A6 helmed by Area Director Pankaj Pradhananga
organized Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI), Kathmandu. 

Little did we portend its huge success. Combining the Judges Training Program (JTP) and Leadership Training Program (LTP) for a day-long immersion became a great opportunity for members to experience, learn, refresh their skills, network, and make new acquaintances. 220 members from 19 clubs attended, probably making it the biggest single Division turnout for TLI in District 41. 

Held at Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education, DTM Neeraj Gupta, District Parliamentarian remarked ‘this is the first time doing JTP for over 100 participants’. His half-day session to 157 members was well appreciated especially the mock contest. 

The Division A initiative of ‘Mentoring and Evaluation Program’ targeted to maintain quality was keenly discussed. Nepal specific website was re-launched. Collectively, participants enjoyed the training that was crafted to suit both new and old members.

Suman Shakya, DTM
Division A Director (2019-20), District 41

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