Joining a team of gregarious personalities and veteran public speakers gave me a kind of new learning experience. I used to get excited and set up a target to accomplish the unseen, and at the same time, I used to get an opportunity to learn as to where I stood and how I should improve. Attending meetings at some of the established Toastmasters clubs used to amaze me as to how do these members manage everything flawlessly. I respect all the leaders who have propelled the Toastmasters fraternity, maintained its continuity, and inspired many aspiring leaders locally and globally. The idea of mentorship and the relationship between mentors and protégées is something unprecedented and captivating for aspiring leaders. I, being a firm believer of the idea that ‘leadership is primarily about producing leaders,’ Toastmasters fraternity has helped me to further validate this idea with more humility and in a responsible manner. 

The past two and half years have been a very enriching experience whether it be in terms of doing projects or taking up some leadership roles or witnessing the fraternity growing and helping individuals to explore their true potential. Few things I must acknowledge as my take away from my Toastmasters journey so far are: firstly, it teaches discipline whether it be for time management or handling projects or while assuming any of the leadership roles. Secondly, it provides an opportunity to meet, interact, and learn from like minded people in a very supportive and positive manner. Third, it offers an opportunity to know oneself in a better manner. For me, this is like serendipity. Finally, learning is a continuous process, and if we are open towards learning, Toastmasters offers an ample opportunity to learn and grow as a better speaker, to be a good leader, and a better human being.

Hari Gopal Risal ‘Bibek’
President, KU-SOM Toastmasters

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