Toastmasters meetings are always encouraging and exciting. They are filled with excitement and enthusiasm to learn more and is different than the usual routine we may follow. On 18th September 2019, SCBNL Toastmasters Club conducted a meeting in a different format. The meeting was mainly divided into 2 sections. First induction of additional new members followed by a special session by Division Director of Division A, District 41 – DTM Suman Shakya. 

Toastmasters Ronesh Dhoj Karki, Bindu Tyata and Soni Rai were added to our club as new members. They were inducted by President of our club TM Shraddha Joshi. The major centre of attraction was Veteran DTM Suman Shakya who visited our club and allured everybody with his magical educational speech. We thank him for providing great ideas and tips to better evaluate speeches and become a better evaluator.

In addition, he supplied an important information on how to conduct quality toastmasters meeting and make every Toastmaster an eloquent speaker and influencer, which is ultimately beneficial to both life and career.

Prativa Neupane, Standard Chartered Bank Toastmasters Club 

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