On the 18th of October 2019, Rato Bangala Toastmasters Club had its Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contest. The contest was chaired by the dynamic duo, Toastmaster Chanda Wangdi, Vice President Membership and Toastmaster Sunita Adhikari, an active member of the Club. The contest started amidst great post-Dashain cheer. With Tihar just round the corner, the spirit of festivities remained very much present in our preparations.

Area A4 Director, Toastmaster Prashant Shrestha served as the Chief Judge and the other judges were kept anonymous as per the rule. Several familiar faces graced the occasion including Area A6 Director Toastmaster Pankaj Pradhananga, club mentor Toastmaster Bhanu Kandel and other Toastmasters from various clubs. 

The contest began with the safety and other mandatory announcements by the sergeant-at-arms for the contest, Toastmaster Nilima Shakya. Then Contest Chair Chanda took over and the Evaluation Session began. Toastmaster Prakriti Karmacharya, a new member of the Club volunteered to become the test speaker and she did a splendid job.  Three contestants Toastmasters Amar Dip Kaur Bista, Monita Gurung and Richa Singh delivered their speeches with a lot of confidence and finesse. 

The second part of the contest was the much-awaited Humorous Speech Contest chaired by Toastmaster Sunita Adhikari, and the contestants were Toastmasters Sagarika Khadka, Margaret Singh, and Devana Singh Thapa. The speeches delivered left the audience rolling with laughter. One of the audience members said that she laughed so much that her cheeks hurt. 

The contest reflected the beauty of each of our journeys as a Toastmaster. It also reinforced the fact that we are all ‘work-in-progress,’ and there is nothing in this world that one cannot achieve if one puts their mind onto it.

Richa Singh, President, Rato Bangala Toastmasters Club

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