I would like to call this a year full of learning, motivation, and exhilarating experiences. My journey of Toastmasters started with a feeling of oblivion and reluctance that gradually welcomed the feelings of ardor and cognizance. My core focus for this year had been on never letting the smallest of opportunities slip out of hand. Then, the opportunities knocked at various levels from leading a meeting, being in the executive committee as a club representative, being part of the area council, leading contests, workshops, and finding ways through pathways.

Meanwhile, the significance for this very year also comes from the Chinese Character for Crisis, which consists of two characters that stand for danger and opportunity. Our Toastmasters’ fraternity has made the most out of the opportunities available by unlocking the room for amazing international sessions. With the new normal being the virtual applause and thumbs up, it also did give room for us to be indulged in the mastery of required technology.  Despite the unprecedented scenario, the leaders of Division A have been successful in gracefully embracing the ongoing situation. Yes, the learning has been multi-dimensional, and the relatedness and belongingness in this extended Toastmasters family are unmatched. Cherishing the memories makes me look forward to another great year of excitement and togetherness because – none of us is better than all of us.  

Abhilasha Dhital, Secretary, KU-SOM Toastmasters, Area A5 Treasurer 

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