When I agreed to lead Area A1, which comprises Bodhi, Everest, and Reliance Toastmasters Club, I knew this was going to be a challenge. I made my area visit to these clubs on 11-13 August 2019. Each is very different; each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Everest has many members who are in councils in other Areas, in Division and District. The club itself has been placed by fellow Toastmasters in such a high place that it needs to maintain its standard and prove its worth.

Bodhi is composed of educationists from different well-known educational institutions. Each one wants to excel in Toastmasters and prove themselves. Those who want to join the club fear speaking in front of the principals and directors. It has its challenge of members, even executive committee members, not being able to give time to the club because of the nature of their job.

Reliance, a club that has been formed within Reliance Institute has its faculty members as members of the club. They hold their meetings in a familiar location within their school. The school, however, is very far from the city center. Hence, members from other clubs have a difficult time going there to help them. However, I saw that they are very eager to learn and grow.

In the three months after the visit, I have noticed that each club has made efforts to become even better. I am happy to note that all clubs have met at least 5 DCP goals already and are on their way to achieve more.

Moon Pradhan, DTM, Area Director, Area 1, Division A, District 41

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