On 14 March 2020, Area A1 organized Table Topics and International speech contest at Himalayan Whitehouse International College, Singa Durbar. It was observed by over 160 participants from various clubs and I had the opportunity of being the contest chair for both contests.

The chief judge was DTM Moon Pradhan who briefed the anonymous judges and the contest chair, I briefed the contestants. When you do things for the first time you prepare a lot, and as it was my first time I was a bit nervous, but I had notes and made sure I didn’t miss any of the points. 

As the SAA called my name, I went to the podium with confidence and started with the table topic following the script. I originally had 5 interesting questions for the chief judge to choose from. The topic she chose was “Everything is funny as long as it happens to somebody else”.

All three table topic speakers delivered their speeches wonderfully. We laughed, we giggled and at some points, we were drawn to think. Toastmaster Anisha Karn from Everest Toastmasters Club won the heart of the judges and became the winner and will represent the Area A1 in the Division contest. 

The second contest was the much-awaited International speech contest. All four speakers were amazing. They were able to capture the attention of the audience and mesmerized everyone with their words, actions, and gestures.

It was a great opportunity for all role takers, participants, and speakers who got to hear the best of Area A1. Toastmaster Mani Bhadra Pokhrel from NAMI Toastmasters won the contest and will be representing Area A1 in the Division contest. 

In one platform, in one afternoon, we got to hear the best speakers from the various clubs of Area A1. 

Sushma Shrestha, Everest Toastmasters

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