Area A4’s Table Topics and International Speech Contest were held on 11 March 2020 at Sap Falcha. There were three contestants each from Himalaya Toastmasters, SCB Nepal Toastmasters, and Rato Bangala Toastmasters for both the contests. 

The topic for the Table Topics contest was “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” while the International Speech Contestants talked about a variety of things that inspired us all.

The Contest began by the announcement of the SAA Toastmaster Aishawarya Sapkota followed by the emcee of the contest Toastmaster Ashraya Mahetema from Yeti Toastmasters. He set the mood for the contest and introduced the contest chair for the Table Topics Contest Toastmaster Shibani Shrestha. Likewise, Toastmaster Rejisha Shrestha led the International Speech Contest. 

After the contest, while the Chief Judge and the tally counters stepped out to count the ballots Toastmaster Rejisha asked interesting questions to the participants. The question to Toastmaster Aravind was, “Can you give us a glimpse or a sneak peek into the life of a banker?” to which he replied, “It is hectic but fulfilling at the end of the day.” Moving on, the question to Toastmaster Kausalya was, “As you live in Patan, can you suggest to us some things to do in that area?” to which she replied, “Patan is a place packed with beautiful heritage sites. So you can always take a walk and eat the local dishes.” Last but not the least, the question to Toastmaster Shraddha was, “As you love the popular TV series Friends, how would you motivate the audience members to watch the show?” to which she replied, “Friends is a TV series which shows the bonding between 6 different characters. This TV series shows how these people accept each other’s flaws and love each other.”

The winner of Table topics Contest was Toastmaster Asira Khanal and the winner of the International Speech Contest was Toastmaster Kausalya D. Khadka.

Personally, I came to know a lot of new members from other clubs due to this contest and had a very positive learning experience. 

Rejisha Shrestha, Himalaya Toastmasters

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