In my early years as a member of Everest Toastmasters Club in around 2009, I was fully confident that my Toastmasters experience would improve my communication skill but was unsure of the positive impact on my leadership skill.  

As our Club’s SAA for the year 2010/11, I realized the importance of logistic planning for the meeting and being a welcoming host for the events. What is impressive is that these subtle tasks translate into transforming you into becoming the perfect host or event manager in your workplace or home. 

As the Club’s Treasurer for two consecutive years, 2011/12 and 2012/13, I acquired a vital life skill of fiscal management and understood fiscal health of the Club. I do not need to emphasize how important this life skill is for us in our daily lives.  

I became our Club’s VPPR for the year 2019/20, as I wanted to polish my public relation. Through my responsibilities, I’ve acquired the art of publicity and guest interaction. This year was a harbinger as the Nepalese Toastmasters fraternity reached over 30 clubs, and all the clubs maximized using the social sites apart from the emails to communicate and call for role players for the regular meetings. 

Since the COVID19 pandemic, we’ve all resorted to online meetings. These developments have prompted me to enhance my skill in using these social sites to maximum effect. Therefore, when your Club calls for officer nominations at the end of the Toastmasters year, please do not hesitate to take that offer. Happy Toastmastering!! 

Subhash Dhungel, VPPR, Everest Toastmasters 

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