Often, in our lives, as we progress ahead, we tend to take our past and our history for granted. As humans, we are bound to focus forward, towards the future and seldom turn back and savor what we have accomplished during our lives. It is imperative to celebrate the past while we embrace the future. Hence, on 30th June 2019, Everest Toastmasters Club celebrated its 15th Anniversary accompanied by the installation of the new executive committee for the club’s 2019-2020 term.

Chartered in 2004, the club is the second oldest club in Nepal formed with a joint effort of 23 committed members. Currently, the club has a strength of 59 members and is considered one of the integral clubs in the country.
For the auspicious ceremony, Toastmaster Ravin Lama was invited as the chief guest. He is considered to be the initiator of the Toastmasters Movement in Nepal in the year 1991. He shed light on how he embarked on his journey of Toastmasters in Nepal 28 years ago and what he learned being a part of this global community. Distinguished Toastmaster Ranjit Acharya, one of the chartered members and a past president of the club took us down the memory lane sharing his experience and stories of how they kickstarted the club. Similarly, as part of the program, the baton was handed over to Toastmaster Euden Koirala as she was elected as the President of the club along with her executive team.

With wonderful performances, inspiring speeches, unlimited laughter and with the presence of toastmasters from across the city, I must say it was quite a fine evening.

However, what caught my eye was the presence of numerous senior members, chartered members, and the past presidents of the club who chose to be a part of the celebration. Their zealous presence made me comprehend the value of the club’s history and its legacy. As of 2019, Everest Toastmasters Club in its brisk journey of 15 years, has achieved more than most. It is the only club in Nepal to be honored with the Golden Gavel Award and the Hall of Fame Award during Oration 2019, an annual district Conference in India. This is a testament to the values instigated to us in the past by these senior members that paved the way to the club’s accomplishments.

As Marcus Harvey says, “Anyone without the knowledge of their history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots.” Likewise, while we enjoy our achievements in the present and concentrate on a better future, it is essential to relive our past and learn from them. It is only through respecting and understanding our history that we can truly mold our future. It was through those efforts in the past that laid the fruits for the present and through our labors in the present, can we ensure an even better future.

Mahim Singh, Everest Toastmasters Club

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