The journey of the Toastmasters movement in Nepal moves forward each year with greater assurance and stability. With this comes the need to be better organized and prepared to ensure that a greater number of people benefit from joining Toastmasters. This means that each collective level of Toastmasters in Nepal i.e. clubs, areas, division, and district in the future will need to be powerful working teams.

Accordingly at Area A2, we believe that being organized around the themes of consolidation, creation, and camaraderie allows us to meaningfully navigate this journey ahead. The first theme of consolidation is helping existing clubs to gather strength and become more self- sustaining. The existing clubs in A2 are Shangri- La, Professionals, and Pokhara Toastmasters Clubs. The primary focus at these clubs will be to help them achieve distinguished club status, membership growth, and enhancing the membership experience of each member of the club.

The second theme of creation refers to adding new clubs in the area. Fundamentally, this is about creating a new membership base. The goal is to establish three new clubs in Area A2. We already have one club in Bhaisepati Toastmasters Club that has been going strong for a few months now since its inception. The second club, Jawalakhel Group of Industries, is currently in the process of being chartered and will resume its regular meetings shortly. The third club will be added in the coming months with several names under consideration.

The third theme of camaraderie refers to the fellowship that members in Area A2 can build along the way. In addition to public speaking and leadership skills development, being a toastmaster allows the possibility of networking with other Toastmasters around the world. At the area level, we plan to expand on this possibility by promoting joint meetings and visiting other clubs, area contests, division, and district events.

Ravi Mainali, Area Directors, Area 2, Division A, District 41

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