A successful individual always has someone who has provided a real positive influence in their life. It doesn’t matter what they do for a living if they perform it well, and there has been someone cheering or showing them the way. A lot of people place pressure on individuals and think it will be too hard for them to fulfill their dreams. Mentors are there to say “Look, it’s not that tough. It’s not as hard as you think.”

Similarly in toastmasters, we get a mentor, who helps us on our journey. They become our best friend, guide, and teacher. The ground realities at clubs are so different from what appears to be shared during closed higher up meetings at Area and Division.   

Kathmandu Toastmasters Club had an interaction session with Division A Director DTM Suman Shakya, as part of his official visit. We were able to learn the member’s perception of the club and about individual improvement. These are the keys to becoming a successful Toastmaster member and a better club. It was a very insightful meeting which made us clear about a different set of club challenges and provided greater insight into the deep desires our members to learn and grow.

Mridul Basnet, VPPR, Kathmandu Toastmasters

Published in Inkspire Issue 2. Click here for the full newsletter.

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