Truth, Dare, or Roast was the theme for Founders Toastmasters’ 25th Meeting, also officially the first outing as a club. Held on Friday evening at Green Valley Resort, Shivapuri, unlike most meetings, this meeting ran for 2 hours without a break, due to the extra activities involved. Some Toastmasters had to be the targets of dares, such as our Presiding Officer Toastmaster Raushan who had to jump around the room twice, like a frog. Similarly, Toastmaster Nirajan had to talk to one of the meeting room chairs like it was his crush. Also, Toastmaster Binayak not only had to give up his phone for the meeting but also had to allow us to send a loving text to a contact of the clubs choice. Following the meeting, the club connected afterward over the scrumptious food and drinks. We sat up late, having a long postmasters debating about every inch of life and business. The next day followed with a giant cake for breakfast to celebrate the milestone we achieved together. 

So far, it’s been a remarkable journey noticing the growth of each member and the strengthening unity of our club. This event fused those bonds further. Members are already debating destinations for our 50th meeting! 

Alexandra Wrigley, Founders Toastmasters

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