For humanity, April 2020 was a month to forget. The spread of Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, increasing fatalities, and the extended lockdown have resulted in grim statistics for many nations. The virus knows no boundaries and we, in Nepal, are feeling the negative impact psychologically and economically. 

No one was prepared for such a situation to continue. The well-designed plan for Division A got derailed. As the extension of lockdown and social distancing became inevitable, in-person meetings became impossible, and sending renewals became challenging without an approved facility in Nepal to remit payment digitally. Some clubs even questioned the lack of empathy from TI to defer payment beyond April or provide concessions.

In times of ease or hardship, creative effort directs sustained performance. The use of online video conferencing exploded as the world grappled to connect and work from home. Toastmasters in Nepal went beyond having their own meetings to even conduct global meetings. Thanks to Zoom, regular online meetings can be credited for the majority of the members deciding to send renewals. District came to the rescue for finding means to do so. Barring a couple of genuine issues, everyone scampered home by April end. 

Rising to the challenges, Re-Citation slated for April 04 had to be postponed. An alternative date for May 02 was worked out. The nerves of the organizers and those of the contestants were flayed. Area A4 Director Prashant Shrestha and his team worked around and through the difficult time of seclusion and lockdown to successfully manage and organize the first online Division contest in District 41. It was done with aplomb, expertise, and finesse that Division A has come to be known for. 

We had it all in just one month. The highs and the lows, successes and desperations, triumphs and worries. It was a mixed bag that provided fodder for good leaders to flex their abilities and emerge bruised yet victorious. Not limiting oneself to find the solution within our own perceived boundaries and grow beyond has been the key to success at Division A. 

Suman Shakya, DTM
Division A Director 

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