Laxmi Bank Toastmasters Club organized two club-level contests for this year on 15th October 2019, where the members competed for the prize of representing the club at the Area Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contest. Toastmaster Avish Acharya, Area Director-A5 was the Chief Judge and Toastmasters Aastha Shrestha was the contest chair for the meeting.  

The meeting began with the Evaluation contest. Test speaker, Toastmaster Kumar Thapa from Bodhi Toastmasters Club gave a wonderful speech titled “Sleek and Flashy” based on which the two contestants provided some insightful feedback. 

After the evaluation contest, it was time for the Humorous speech contest where three contestants managed to make the room full of people burst into laughter with their wit and entertaining content. 

It was a close call among the contestants, but TM Kushma K.C and TM Rabin Shrestha won the Humorous and Evaluation Speech contest respectively. Both of them will be competing in the Area contest.  

Good luck to TM Kushma and TM Rabin! 

Aastha Shrestha, Associate VPPR, Laxmi Bank Toastmasters Club

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