Knowing my leadership style through the final speech of Level 1 of Pathways felt like an amazing gift and a blessing for me. I came to know that my leadership style was a mixture of coaching, altruistic, democratic, and a lots of other styles. This has made me passionate to discover my inner self and know my true capabilities. 

Knowing my leadership styles made me curious to reflect upon my personality traits. Talking about my personality, I am a friendly person with compassion, kind heart and I feel good when I connect and network with people. 

Leadership is not about exerting authority but influencing through actions. As a leader I see myself setting an example and creating impact in others’ lives by inspiring and empowering them empathetically. Understanding my leadership style has helped me in becoming the inclusive leader I always wanted to be. Every human being in this world deserves equal dignity and respect. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said – no one has the consent to make anyone feel inferior without their permission. I want to create a space where everyone can express themselves freely without hiding their emotions and unleashing their true potential by being themselves. 

Imagine! We are five friends going out to a restaurant. One of them has recently joined and while deciding to order food, the views of all four of us is considered however one who has recently joined is not even asked about their preference. If we keep ourselves in that person’s shoes will it be comfortable? The answer is No. So as a leader I want to create a workplace where no one is left out and everyone feels included. 

While working at office with my co-workers, the decision regarding jewelry designs and purchase as well as other investment decisions are taken by everyone present in the team. So at office generally my style of leadership is democratic as I ensure that each one in office is valued and given chance to participate as well as have a say in important decisions too. 

While giving sales trainings to my office colleagues I try to follow coaching leadership style. In this style I try to identify the individual needs and level of understanding in sales. Then, I try to encourage and train them accordingly so that they can become the best version of themselves in sales, and have that zeal and passion to strive for doing better and achieving excellence. 

While volunteering with children at various schools and organizations, I try to follow altruistic leadership style. I feel connected while working with these innocent souls and pure hearted kids. Teaching them various skills and engaging them through various activities has become one of my new found passion. This feeling of serving others without seeking anything in return is the best feeling one can have. 

Knowing my leadership style has made me reduce my own stereotypes and biases in the quest of becoming a better leader and a better person. I now tend to embrace individual differences and similarities, and try to spread positivity around. This not only empowers individuals but also makes them feel content and powerful. Knowing my style has created a difference in my life and I wish everyone present here also experiences that difference in their lives by knowing their style of leadership. 

So, let us all embark our leadership journeys by understanding ourselves and others so that we can create a special place not only in the hearts of individuals but also in their souls. As Simon Sinek says “We follow the leaders not because we have to but because we want to.” 

Ayushi Gupta, Secretary, Himalaya Toastmasters Club 

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