“We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays” rang the halls of KU-SOM before being subdued by rocking dance numbers. 

KUSOM Toastmasters celebrated their 50th Meeting with a joyous and fun filled session where the essence of the festivities, the victory of the club member in Citation 2019, and the accomplishment of having completed half a century all came together to create a montage of laughers, fun, love, and of course, learning. 

On 24th December 2019, KUSOM Toastmasters saw one of the most entertaining meetings of all. Scheduled just before the day of Christmas, this meeting had the essence of Christmas running through it, and to showcase this, the members of KU-SOM Toastmasters club, along with members of various clubs came together to play a fun session of Secret Santa. There was also an informal session before the regular meeting where Toastmaster Chandan Goopta engaged the members and guests into games and life lessons on maintaining resolutions. An informal session was also held after the regular meeting where everyone gathered under the starry sky, to exchange gifts, dance, sing, eat and have loads of fun. Toastmasters Alfa and Birendra  made the audience swoon with their melodious voices; Toastmaster Binisha shined with her talent of playing the violin, Toastmaster Vendash showcased his guitar skills and TM Manusi made the ambience more musical with her voice. 

This meeting also marked the 50th meeting for the club and hence was an emblem of achieving a milestone. To add to the charm, this meeting also was the fete for celebrating the win of Toastmaster Priya Chapagain in the Division Evaluation Contest at Citation 2019. 

We wrapped up the session with cake cutting, gifts, music, and dance. 

Priya Chapagain, KU-SOM Toastmasters Club, Associate VP Membership

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