Communication is a core leadership raison d’être. Leaders need to be skilled communicators in communities and groups, at the organizational level, and many times on international platforms. Leaders must think, express ideas, and share information with confidence. Effective communication critically intertwines with effective leadership.

Since 1924, Toastmasters International has offered a wonderful platform to hone communication and leadership skills. Growing members in Nepal have been earnest to find their voice and leadership acumen. As Division A Director (2019-20), District 41, I have had an amazing opportunity to learn, exercise servant leadership, and improve my own capabilities. Helping fellow Toastmasters discover and improve their leadership abilities through skillful communication has been rewarding.

Since July 2019, there has been a flurry of activities in Nepal as members have taken leadership opportunities with zeal, zest, and zing. Through the curated educational program of Toastmasters, I have been able to work and communicate with different leaders in the Division in achieving holistic improvement among the community of Toastmasters. Through improved communication, many activities could be discussed and its leader collectively agreed upon.

Mentoring program, started by Moon has been well led by Division
PQD Sadikchya. Evaluation program is managed by Bhanu. Similarly, Division mentors Shaurab is working on a program to sustain new clubs and Anish is monitoring DCP goals to track the health of individuals and clubs. Area Directors Moon, Ravi, Ankit, Prashant, Avish, and Pankaj deserve credit for adding 12 clubs within 5 months. Alfa has single handedly managed the newsletter, Sushma and Manesh took up public relations, Brijendra and Subrath stewarded the pipeline of new clubs, Rupak supervised finance and Neha provided the overall coordination.

Recently, an initiative was undertaken by Area A3 Director Ankit to air a show on Business Plus TV as part of his project. The show titled “Leadership through Communication” was first aired on

9th Nov 2019. What started as a member’s project has now turned into a fortnightly national TV program led by Division A spreading the benefits of Toastmasters among the general public.

Topping up all the activities in Division A is Citation, a full day conference to celebrate being a Toastmaster in Nepal. Dec 07, 2019 will be a transformative day where members will clinically test themselves to become a leader. The presence of International President Deepak Menon, DTM and District 41 Director Jennifer Ghosh, DTM provides additional shot in the arm to excel.

Communication is the glue that binds any group, team or organization. It is the chief means by which people relate to one another. I am certain that our efforts will prove worthwhile as members learn to lead through communication using messages that are rooted in the values and culture of an organization and are of significant importance to all stakeholders.

Suman Shakya, DTM
Division A Director

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