Who are we at Toastmasters? What do we want from Toastmasters? Why did we join Toastmaster? These 3 Ws are questions that have crossed the minds of each Toastmaster. While we can have goals and targets, it is the experiences that let us answer these questions. I have been a Toastmaster for 9 months and I am taking on an executive committee role in my club and area for the upcoming year. One thing that keeps on crossing my mind is the fact that I learn something at each meeting. Whether it is the need to adjust our speaking style to match our sudden online setting due to the pandemic or the fact that each speech sheds light on a different perspective of a seemingly mundane topic, learning at Toastmasters is a constant. Right now, my journey as a Toastmaster is defined with learning. With this in mind, I look forward to taking on my leadership roles and will make sure I am leading by learning as well. Because Toastmasters has taught me that leadership is all about the team and setting. 

Kriti Panth, Professionals Toastmasters 

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