It is said that if you want something in life, you have to lose one thing or the other. However, at Toastmasters it’s the other way around. If you are learning something then learning becomes multiplied two-fold of what you’re currently learning. You do not lose anything. 

Such has been my journey as the Area Director of A3. As soon as I took the baton of being one of the six area directors, I knew there would be a lot of opportunities to learn and grow through this new tenure, starting by managing the three clubs under my area. At first glance, it might seem like there is nothing and everything is going to be easy. The first thing I learned was how much our communication with others matters. If the right information is not floated everything becomes haywire and if the correct information is passed on, communication becomes easy. In addition to this, another important point I’m currently learning and practicing is the art of task delegation. At one point I used to do everything by myself and get it done, however, now I have realized it’s important to work as a team. I also learned that delegating tasks equally so everyone involved in the learning process gets to learn and grow is very crucial. 

The journey that started has brought me to the current point where I am, and it would not have been possible without the continuous support and guidance of my mentor, who has been like a pillar throughout, who made sure each day of my life becomes better and every step I take is a step towards betterment. 

As we always say, learning is a continuous process and it will never end. Keep learning and keep growing. 

Ankit Goenka, Area Director, Area 3, Division A, District 41

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