Learning from Fearless Presentations by Mark Brown

Division A Club Growth team organized a special session on Fearless Presentations, a talk program. It was held on  Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 5.30 pm onwards online on Zoom by Mark brown, the 1995  World Champion of Public Speaking. Mark Brown is also a certified speaking professional.

There were 839 attendees for the online meeting out of which half were Toastmasters and surprisingly the other half were guests.

Mark talked about his journey in the U.S.A where he had come with 40 dollars in his pocket and 2 sets of dress. He worked hard and now has a good family and has accomplished a lot.

We can learn from his journey that even if you have little resources, if you have the will to work hard, you will succeed.

 He also talked about how he joined Toastmasters after being a guest for 4 months and how he thought he would not be World Champion and thought about giving up, and eventually became a World Champion in 1995. 

One needs to keep on working hard. Even if one falters in a few steps one must stand up, rise and fight. 

Some words of advice and things to learn from the Champion:

  • Many people think and are set back by thinking that one does not have an exciting story and that they are unqualified. People also think that they are failures and what will the audience think? But the story does not have to be sensational but sincere, so just “Tell your story.”
  • He mesmerized the audience by using a memorable phrase “One person’s Mundane is another person’s magnificent. “ He further added by saying progress is a process. One needs to try to be natural, calm oneself, and not to rush to one’s materials.
  • Some of the lessons learned about delivering a speech were: – One needs to tell their own story, one needs to be sincere, natural. Do not worry what the audience will think to be yourself, the audience wants you to succeed. Do not have a low opinion about oneself.

It was an exciting session with Mark Brown and the first one by any world champion in Nepal. Appreciate the hard work of Division A Club growth team and others who were involved in coordinating and organizing such an exciting session.  Special Thanks to DTM Suman Shakya for the coordination. 

Suraj NS Thapa, SCBNL Toastmasters 

Published in Inkspire Issue 4. Click here for the full newsletter.

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