At tourism toastmaster, TMOE is assigned at the end of the regular sessions and I took my TMOE role for the first time. It was good opportunity for me to ask all the present Toastmasters if they would like to take any roles, however many of them regretted as they were traveling. 

Due to the nature of their professional lives, many of our Tourism toastmasters are frequently traveling and cannot attend the meeting which sometimes can be challenging. Especially during my TMOE session almost everyone was not in the city, hence I was worried if I would be able to fill all the roles. We have a weekly Tuesday meeting and that week passed too soon than I could imagine! I reached out to each and every one personally by text and phone if they could take roles, and I was really supported and guided by all the members who had already done this role specially Sarik. He also helped me on the TMOE role and how I could make it interesting and meaningful. I also did research on YouTube and Toastmaster website on how to conduct the TMOE role, hence I became more knowledgeable. I realized its very important to decide the Theme as early as possible as it gives more time for yourself to prepare. I also shared the theme early to the Table Topics Master so that he could prepare his topics based on the theme. 

My biggest challenge was to get the role players. Our club Toastmasters helped me fill all the vacant roles by reaching out to other clubs member.

I was quite nervous if I could conduct the meeting in a seamless manner, and in the end it did go very well. It was a learning experience and for any maiden TMOE. My recommendation would be to set the agendas same day after the meeting, encourage everyone in the club to take part, and also reach out to Excom members and fellow members to help you with any difficulties you face while organizing the meeting. 

Reena Sherchan, Tourism Toastmasters Club 

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