We must have a memory of our childhood when we wore our clothes inside out or mixed up the right pair of the shoe with the wrong one. Then, we had our mother, father, or family member assist and guide us to make things right. Knowingly or unknowingly we all have mentors in our lives right from the time of our birth.

Nothing great was ever accomplished alone, for every goal achieved, there’s a mentor who helped to achieve it. Likewise, in Toastmasters we have mentors who motivate and inspire us to be better. Hence, mentorship is not only essential at Toastmasters but is equally imperative in everybody’s life to create a change, focus, and achieve targets.

It’s been almost six years that I am working at Standard Chartered Bank. In the early days of my employment, I was like a little child. My voice was low with less confidence and I began losing myself in the crowd. But in that crowd I also found two hidden mentors. Shailesh Manandhar, my line manager and Mani Shrestha, boss of my line manager. They have always guided me towards becoming better. Rather than a boss I found in them a Boss-Mentor hybrid.

In every performance review, their valuable suggestions, constructive feedback, and support refined me. A mentor drives others to find the best way forward whilst motivating them to maximize their potential. Mani Shrestha inspired me to join Toastmasters as he had a belief that I could improve my communication and leadership skills. After joining the club, I could feel the changes in me. I felt more confident in my work and my line manager was delighted seeing this improved version of me. Being a part of a corporate club, sometimes its difficult to manage Toastmasters and work. However, with the support of my line manager, I have been able to manage it more efficiently. He always encouraged me to pursue the things that I am interested in. And I realized that when we work on the things we love, we always improve and revamp our skills.

Henceforth, a good mentor is a priceless resource. H/She uplifts you from the dark and teaches you to find your hidden light so that you can light up the path of your journey to success. Last but not the least Steven Spielberg says, “Mentoring is not about creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.”

Prativa Neupane, SCBNL Toastmasters Club

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