Nepal’s First TLI – Club Officers Training Program – Led by Division O and Area O3

The first Club Officers Training Program, suitably rechristened as Toastmasters Leadership Institute TLI 1, was conducted on 4 July, and was the first major training event of the calendar year 2020-21 for Toastmasters in Nepal. It was a proud moment for Area O3 as it organized the TLI-1 which was not only Nepal’s first but a first in District 41 too.  

All three Divisions from Nepal – Divisions O, A, and N participated. Toastmasters from India, Bangladesh and Bhutan also took part. Total registration for the event stood at 339 out of which 242 Toastmasters attended.

Training was conducted by the following:  

  • President: TM Pankaj Pradhananga
  • VP Education: TM Sadikchya Singh
  • VP Membership: TM Anup Shrestha
  • VP Public Relations: TM Asira Khanal
  • Secretary: DTM Shaurab Lohani
  • Treasurer: TM Biraj Pradhan
  • Sergeant-at-arms: TM Shraddha Shrestha

The organizing team comprised of TM Jenny Manandhar as Chair, TMs Birendra Dhami, Amit Bajracharya, and Pratik Manandhar as the Tech team, TM Sandeep Khattri in Logistics, TMs Amar Kaur Bista and Monita Gurung, and trainer-on-the-go – TM Prashant Shrestha.

Any event of this magnitude will have its share of challenges and TL1 wasn’t any different. From missed registrations and unexpected technical glitches in assigning participants into breakout rooms to some missed video recordings, there was great learning gained. The sessions were very interactive and the trainers were able to shed light on commonly held misconceptions. There was fantastic learning amidst a whole lot of fun and all participants applauded the overall management and takeaways from the day. 

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