Having a regular meeting is a normal thing, but we should aim for something different every time. Taking this note, I hosted the meeting on February 14, 2019. It was a great night at the Pokhara Toastmasters Club. I was quite thrilled and nervous to be honest, as I was the Toastmaster of the Evening (TMoE) for the first time.  Because the meeting was on February 14, I announced the theme of the meeting to be “LOVE”, as it was Valentines’ Day.

As the TMoE, I was responsible for the success of the meeting and hoped to set a benchmark for the following meetings to come. Having fun during the meeting has always been one of my mantras at Toastmasters. In my journey of leadership and communication, I have learned that leaders don’t necessarily do different things. They do the same things but in a different way. I organized my TMoE speech in line with the three segments of the Toastmasters meeting. The meeting felt like ‘A journey of love’.

I requested my team members to attend the meeting with their partner to make it different, unusual and exciting. Various activities and games were planned for the couples that night. 

After we completed the formal meeting, we played some ‘love games’ with the couples. Everyone was excited and participated in these games, and guests and members were congratulated for the success of the meeting.  In a nutshell, the meeting was one of the best and most memorable meetings at the Pokhara Toastmasters Club. We don’t need to do great things for the success of the meeting, just doing a small thing that leaves an impact is enough. This meeting taught me a lot and gave me the strength to overcome my stage fear as I continue to harvest the seeds of leadership.

Dinesh Adhikari, Treasurer at Pokhara Toastmasters

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