Professional Toastmasters Club, founded in 2019, celebrated its 100th meeting on 23rd November 2022. For the last three years, the club has been a platform for developing leadership and communication skills for many professionals from diverse backgrounds like financial institutions, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and entrepreneurs. The club reached the 100th meeting milestone despite the difficulties of COVID-19 and the continuous challenge to sustain members.

The highlight of the evening was a stand-up act by Toastmaster Seema Golchha, the only ventriloquist in Nepal. Toastmaster Golchha made everyone laugh till they almost dropped on the floor with her puns and her partner in crime – Jack Denials. 

Why are you called Jack Denial? Because my name is Jack, and you live in denial.” – Jack Denials 

The session also had a special address by Division A Director, Toastmaster Diptee Acharya, who shared her 15 years of learning as a Toastmaster. 

The 21st Century Skills are critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity, and you can achieve this with the ability to learn new tasks, the ability to write, the ability to communicate, and the ability to collaborate.” – Toastmaster Diptee Acharya

Speaking on the occasion of the 100th meeting, Charter President Toastmaster Biraj Pradhan took the audience on a flashback ride as he shared about the early days of the club and the journey to date. 

“Those people who can speak can influence, those who can influence can change lives” – Toastmaster Biraj Pradhan

Toastmaster Amod Niroula aka “Bhutandas” from Tourism Toastmasters took on the role of Roastmaster for the evening and roasted Toastmasters in attendance. The 15-minute roast made everyone laugh till their stomachs hurt.

Toastmaster Biraj always wanted to be a founder, so he founded Professionals Toastmasters Club.” – Toastmaster Amod Niroula

Toastmaster Alfa M. Shakya was the host for the evening, who humorously engaged the audience and encouraged participants to share their first impression of the club. 

The best thing about Toastmasters is being a part of a bigger and wider part of the community. With over 57 clubs all over Nepal the community is growing every day.” – Toastmaster Alfa M. Shakya 

Guests and members from ACAN Toastmasters, Everest Toastmasters, Healers Toastmasters, and Ace Toastmasters Club attended the milestone meeting at Attic, Gyaneshwore. The event closed with networking and dinner. The club executive was supported by Toastmaster Euden Koirala, Area A1 Director, and Toastmaster Alfa M. Shakya, Club Coach, for the event.

Raskin Maharjan, Secretary, Professionals Toastmasters Club 

[Professionals Toastmasters meets every alternate Thursday evening 6pm at Attic, Gyaneshwore. We empower individuals to become better leaders and communicators. If you’d like to visit us or become a member, please feel free to reach Samir Dhungana at +977 9851124212.] 

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