There were five meetings conducted between September and October at Bodhi Toastmasters Club.

A leader needs time for introspection to look inward and consider who they are, what they value, what motivates them to build their self-awareness, keeping this in mind for the 55th Meeting the theme was Introspective leadership by TMOE Niladri S. Parial. For the 56th Meeting, we had Division A Director DTM Suman Shakya, Area Director of A1 DTM Moon Pradhan, and Division A Secretary TM Neha Amatya as guests for the session on the motivational interaction. 

A pencil as insignificant as it may seem but holds so much within, it is so fluid and based on who holds it can bring about changes assumable for it represents a journey, and thus for the 57th meeting the theme was ‘Pencil’ presented by TMOE Niraj Maharjan. For the 58th meeting, the theme that was chosen was ‘Change’ for change represents everything, how every day looks the same yet when we look back everything indeed has changed and this was presented to us by TMOE Sonee Maharjan. 

Transitions make us hope, it lets us know that no matter how things are at the moment there is always hope, for yes the sun sets but it will rise again too and in the 59th meeting the theme was ‘Autumn’ and was presented by TMOE Bishnu Paneru. And on 21st October, we had Battle of the Voices, the club’s Humorous Speech and Evaluation Speech contest where the contest chair was TM Diptee Acharya and the chief Judge was TM Avish Acharya, Area Director of A5. 

September and October introspection made us aware of the fluidity that we had within us, a journey we had been through and another journey that laid ahead of us. 

We also welcomed new members TM Jigyasa Bajracharya, TM Sangita Ghotane, and TM Narendra Kumar.

Pragya Adhikari, SAA, Bodhi Toastmasters Club 

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