Meeting like-minded people with a keen interest in learning and leadership, and listening to speeches from the heart has been my most fulfilling experience as a Toastmaster. My role as an Area Director has enabled me to rediscover that crucial connection with clubs.

Attending club meetings of different clubs have made me realize how unique clubs are in Area A4. The dynamic leadership in each club has its own pace and approach towards accomplishing club goals.  As the liaison between the club and the district, my responsibilities were to observe the meeting and provide needed help to the clubs. It has been a challenging but also an equally rewarding and humbling experience. Working with the area council team and helping clubs streamline their focus on members’ educational and clubs’ administrative goals is setting a strong foundation for clubs’ bright future.  

In the process of helping clubs, we strive to form a synergetic relationship between the clubs and the district, so we self-aligns with the district and divisions’ goal. We also aim to foster better communication between clubs in the area.

Lastly, I am glad that our area team comprises of able and determined individuals who are committed to giving back to the platform from where we have gained so much.

Prashant Shrestha, Area Director, Area 4, Division A, District 41

Published in Inkspire Issue 2. Click here for the full newsletter.

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