Having joined Toastmasters over a decade ago, I had several opportunities to become a leader, but at that moment improving my speaking skills and attending as many meetings as possible was my main priority. This consistency and exposure led me to start a new club focused mainly on the Tourism industry. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience as the charter president of Tourism Toastmasters club, and it taught me how to pick a team, delegate, and achieve goals. 

This further encouraged me to learn and lead as an Area Director as Division leadership has envisioned to make Nepal an independent district. I started to serve as an Area Director from July 2019. It was a big step that I took in my Toastmasters journey and it furthermore flourished my passion for effective communication. With continued support from Dist CGD, Division Director, Area & Div council and fellow ADs, we were able to add two new clubs (Bhaktapur and Academia) to Area A6. 

I am grateful for the opportunity of leading such enthusiastic leaders with high potentials. This opportunity has allowed me to commit to myself and ensure that the five clubs in my area show equal progress and strive for excellence. I aspire to inspire all the new and existing clubs to lift each other and help create a platform where everyone strives to do better. I firmly believe that when a member succeeds, club succeeds and when clubs succeeds, the Area can’t fail. 

Pankaj Pradhananga, Area Director, Area 6, Division A, District 41

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