In Toastmasters there are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from evaluation. An amazing Toastmasters meeting with Toastmaster Shaurab Lohani as TMoE that was not just an impressive meeting but also a super influential one as well.

Table topics speakers including the regular guests and Toastmasters delivered their speeches with good level of confidence. The featured speakers articulated their informative and persuasive speeches eloquently, and evaluators demonstrated their evaluation skills to help out the speakers for the improvement in their upcoming speeches through their valuable suggestions. 

No wonder that we all carry a special ‘AFFINITY’ for Toastmaster meetings and Toastmasters where learning skills to be leaders through communication never remain a ‘SECRET’ thing as everyone is keen to lift one another and celebrate each other’s success as their own.

Mridul Basnet, VPPR, Kathmandu Toastmasters Club

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